Saturday, June 11, 2011

Surveying the damage of North Newtown by bike

Went out riding with my son, Brodie, to survey the damage of the non-tornado that ripped through North Hanover Thursday afternoon.  Hanover Road is blocked but you can get around it by taking Tamarack to Echo Valley - and it would be nice if someone from the town of Newtown could publish that somewhere!  You will see in the pictures below all the damage that we came across by bike.

Hanover Still Blocked

Downed wires just past the old Rail Road Trestle

Brodie making faces

Hamming it up for the camera
After this point there are wires on the side of the road.

Always the actor

Guess this guy figured he could make it

Broken breaker

Other side, near Echo Valley

Downed wires on Echo Valley - now why isn't this blocked off?
Pond Brook was this way up until late Friday afternoon.  I know this because I drove in on Pond Brook Thursday afternoon but I never realized I was driving over wires.  I discovered that fact Friday morning while driving to work.  I came home this way Friday afternoon, too, but then my wife tried to come this way after running an errand only to find it finally taped off.

Once you drive over the wires then you just have dodge the downed tree

Pond Brook

Dingle Brook

Tree down on Dingle Brook

This guy drove under the tree.
He told me there four other trees blocking the road further up similar to this one but he was still able to drive underneath them.  Brookfield still hasn't gotten around to blocking off their side of the road.

He decided to let himself through

After driving through he put everything back

Hanover and Lake

You can drive around this
Like this guy

Even a tree down at the town boat ramp

Brodie poses

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Chris T. said...

Good thing I threw in the towel and called for a ride. That is my bike commute route area.