Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lost my Garmin Edge 705 ...

Comparison of the blowdowns at Upper Paugussett and Waldo SP
.. and found it again but not before riding almost the entire length of the Gussy back towards the Brody  and then back again locating it on a technical climb where I think I had tanked it originally.  Man was that scary.  If I lost it that would be the second time I have lost an Edge.  I think I am going to have to find a way to put my name on it in case I do lose it and there is a good Samaritan that returns it, unlike my Edge 305 lost at Huntington SP a few years back.  Might also think about trying to dummy cord it in case it gets knocked off again, at least it won't go very far.

The map above and the pictures below say it all - Upper Paugussett got hammered by the storm as well.

Minor blowdown on the Brody

No one is getting to lake anytime soon

I can get this one next time with my folding saw (when I remember to bring it).

Someone fixed this up and over

Saw or Axe, definitely a no brainer

This one is a game stopper

Need a chainsaw

blocks the hairpin turn prior to the wet spot

Not effecting the trail but definitely skinny potential!

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