Friday, June 24, 2011

Bent Rail on my Origin 8 Flyte Saddle after three months of riding?

I heard this creaking sound the other day while riding the diSSent. At first I thought it might be the headset because I have been down that road before but I then I realized that it was only happening while seated. I got off the bike and inspected the saddle upclose only to discover that I have a bent rail. I have never seen this before.

I fired off an email to J&L Distributors, the importer for Origin 8 products and this is what they told me to work with the shop that I bought it from.  Dropped it off last night at the Bicycle Goodie Shop so lets hope they come through.

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fabian said...

I've bent a few seats. That's what happens when your butt comes down on it hard enough!