Monday, June 27, 2011

29-29-20 on the Colchester Spur of the Air Line Trail

After driving all the way up to Willimantic from Niantic via Colchester looking for Friendlys to have dinner, because that was promised to the boys in order to go trail-a-biking we headed back down Rt 66 to Rt 85 where we picked up the Colchester Spur of the Airline Trail.  First ride on the Dillinger since the conversion to gears but it wasn't going to be true test, afterall this is just a rail trail.

It was a good ride with the usual brotherly infighting and tom foolery.  We did go through a wet stretch in which Brodie got a lot of mud in the face due to no fender up front and Elliot got a nice skunk strip up his back.

Of course, getting them to pose for a picture is always a challenge.

Still, any ride with the boys is fun, even in the trail is a carpenter's dream!

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