Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clearing Blowdowns on the Upper Gussy Trail

Went out with a hydration pack full of hand tools to open up the trail at Upper Paugussett State Forest. There is one big tree down across the trail that will need to be re-routed around and that will probably be a major trail building effort. Otherwise, the loop at the Upper Paugussett State Forest is pretty much open again.  I put up more pictures on the Upper Paugussett Blog for you to peruse.

Jeep Trail off of Sanford Rd

Leafy section just before the big blowdown

Old Tree
While working on this old tree another rider came along from the north.  A timid young man by the name of Alex riding a Giant hardtail with a Topeak Handlebar bag and back rack.  Nice all round bike but probably not suited for the rigors of the Upper Gussy Trail.  Ah the memories ... my first bike, the Trek, was the same and how many times did I brake something on it riding the trails around North Hanover?  Numerous times!  Hopefully, he will see the light, put some slicks on that "trail bike" and get a real mountain bike!

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