Sunday, June 05, 2011

Domnarski Farm: Bloodied and battered but fun!

Another last place finish (8th), however, I felt much better and never hit that wall as I have in previous races.  I did take a spill in the first 300 meters that resulted in a nice gash above my ankle, scrapes on my arms, a nice cut to the right knee, and maybe some sprained fingers on my right hand.  However, not enough to prevent me from finishing the race.  I was geared perfectly, for me that is; 32:21, and everything I was able to climb I went right up.  Initially though my HR is was spiking but I didn't feel it and thought something might be wrong with my monitor.  To be safe when the alarm went off, I walked.  

I brought my camera and snapped a few pictures on the power lines section of the course.  Except for the more steeper sections I was able to ride a lot of this part of the course.  The diSSent performed beautifully and I am glad that I did a check out ride on Saturday.  I never dropped my chain, which I was afraid might happen and climbing felt really good with the FUBars.

Nice scrape


Bandaged up!

That ice cold PBR kept me going!

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