Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Mile Fix

Last week I reinstalled the new bottom bracket on the Marin and finally got out on Saturday for a test ride.  I had planned on riding as far as I could get down South Main Street in 30 minutes but by the time I got to Mile Hill it started to rain so I turned around and headed home.  When I got there, though, the rain wasn't following me so I rode back towards Lake Road and I was still amazed that people back there still didn't have their power back on.

The bike really performed well and the Bottom Bracket stayed tight!  The 48t crank is a whole new world, especially coming from the 44t and before that 38t chain rings.  Later this summer I am going to try riding from home to down Route 25, pick up the rail trail and ride down to the Starbucks in center of Trumbull.  Eat some lunch, tweet, and enjoy a nice cold Carmel Machiatta and then ride back!  Round Trip I think it will be just shy of 40 miles if I do just an out and back but I probably throw Toddy Hill into the return and come home via the Vineyards.

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