Sunday, June 12, 2011

Loving Every ... Minute ... of it!

Last Thursday's tornadoes, that weren't officially tornadoes, that not only passed through my neighborhood knocking out power to most people around where I live but also ripped through George C Waldo State Park   From what you can see on the map above, there are at least 6 different blowdowns, and it's ironic how the trees near the trail were toppled but not in the surrounding woods.  It's almost like some deity has it in for the Waldo trail.

I just got the diSSent back from the shop and this was my first chance to ride it with the fork rebuild.  I had my LBS order and install the heavy spring for the Manitou Minute and holy cow!  This fork is now freaking awesome!!!  The medium spring made the suspension very mushy but the heavy is perfect for my someone my size.  I never needed it locked out to climb.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to really open her up because there are no real techy descents at Waldo that would call for it but still for what I needed it do it was simply awesome!

After taking all the pictures and detouring around these blowdowns I lost a lot of time and just rode out on the access road.  While it was short from a mileage perspective it was still a good workout.

This will make a great skinny!

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