Saturday, June 04, 2011

Saturday Morning Eye Opener: Dropping chains ... dropping chains!

In preparation for the Root66 Domnarski Farm race on Sunday I decided to go with a 21t cog in the rear of the diSSent because last year I think I raced with a 19t because this race was after Winding Trails.  

Climbing was really nice with the bigger cog.  It had been awhile since I have ridden the Gussy and the trail was holding up really nicely.

I fixed this Up-and-Over that is right after the log ride short.

3/4s of the way down the Gussy, on the technical climb after the third stream crossing I dropped my chain.  At first I thought it broke but it just came off.  I practically went OTB because I was out of the saddle and climbing pretty hard.  Getting the chain back on I rode on and it happened again right before the blue cross roller.  Not sure if I should add a half link or what.

Not sure if this was a natural fall or some hiker's vain attempt to block the trail.  This is a shared use trail and if you are a hiker and have a problem with that, I suggest you stay on the blue blaze trail.

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