Monday, June 27, 2011

Gears with all the Soul Cycles Dillinger 29er

While staying in Niantic over the weekend I let the CT NEMBA Web Admin from Old Lyme go over the Dillinger since Dr Mike thought that the derailleur cage was bent.  Thom is an absolute fanatic when to comes to everything about 29ers and his bike ans since he sold me the derailleur, he wanted to take a look at it, since it was brand new.  Thom confirmed in text that it was not the derailleur that was the problem, rather the 5 speed chain I put on it.  Ooops, looks like I didn't look at it too closely.

While test riding it he found some other issues with the cables and replaced them, too!  Now my white cables have been replaced with dayglo green, too bad those radiator fluid green Ergons of mine bit the dust (warranty'ed them) because they would be a perfect match for these cables.  He did an insanely awesome job!

It's a whole new bike!

Only thing I need now is a second cage and a down tube mounted pump and I will be golden!

Ride report coming after Tuesday's ride at Bluff Point.

My first 29er with gears - yikes!  Funny, I have always ridden my 29ers as singlespeeds but after The Happening at Huntington two weeks ago, and perhaps my age, gears seam to be more appealing now.  To round out the stable all I need is a full susser and all steel, unsuspended rig.  And here I was going to sell this last month but now I have a new toy!


finn maguire said...

Very sharp!

Thom said...

I like how you show the one silver spoke I ended up putting on those wheels in the last image LOLOOOLOLOLOL

Mark said...

@Thom, yeah, noticed that on Steve's bike he has a red spoke where the valve stem is. Easy to find.