Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another day in Geared Paradise

Needed to stay local on Tuesday so I headed over to Rocky Neck State Park where I met Thom on the trails for another tour of Rocky Neck.  My last visit here was in about 6 inches of snow around Christmas.  On the way there from where I was staying in Giants Neck there was this bike at the trail head that looked pretty sweet, but my kids have enough bikes.

I brought the Helmet Cam and took some videos riding.  There isn't anything too difficult at Rocky Neck.  There are some great rock features, too.  Unfortunately, quite a few of the trails need to be cut back as you can see in this next video what happens to my camera after not bending low enough to go under a particularly low hanging Mountain Laurel.

Watch out for Doggers (above) and Joggers (below).  If you stick to the single track, however, you won't see a sole.

While it's hard to see, looking down, the camera really kills depth perception, but it's about a 30 foot drop down the side of this cliff.  Thom calls it the Cliff Side Ride and there are some fun rollers on this trail, too.

On one trail we found an old, rotted tree blocking the trail we got to work lowering the log so it could be a nice up and over.

If you don't have saw, use your body weight!

Or brute strength

Not being a frequent rider of these trails but enjoy their flow, I wonder if this should just be removed so you can enjoy the flow.

Great view but the slick rock is closed to bikes in the Summer - that looks fun!

Another balance rock.  There is a nice series of rollers from here down to the main trail.

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