Sunday, August 01, 2010

Paugussett 10 miler

Wanted to hit Huntington to prep for the Hodges Village Dam race on Friday but the natives were getting restless at home so I put it off till Saturday morning. Getting up early on Saturday morning reminded me of the Dunkin Donut commercials back in the '80s of the guy getting up early in the morning saying, Gotta Make the Donuts. Needless to say, two cups of coffee later, played Mario Kart with my son for an hour, and a three constitutionals, I hit the trails at 10 AM.

The first leg of the ride was a climb up the Gussy and guess what I should find coming into the wet spot? A huge pile of road apples right in the best line! I can see what happened, new rider on the Gussy and stops at the Wet Spot because they are unsure how to cross a top of Trigger. Trigger say, Oh, stopping time, let's unload. I just hope the next equestrienne to mosy on through will take the time to take care of this problem. I won't hold my breath.

Got some new riding glasses after I lost my Tifolsis last month. I think I dropped them on one of the trails at Huntington during the happening. Picked up a pair of Serfas. I like Serfas because they offer a lifetime garranty. These glasses come with three other lenses.

Also on the way up I came across the new Up-and-Over on the top part of the trail that was in disarray so I went about doing a little work on it to make it even better. 

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