Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maybe out of the running

Yesterday's fall at Pequonnock River Valley might have ended my bid for Third Place in the overall Root 66 CAT2 Single Speed series because I definitely sprained my wrist.  We'll see how it is on Monday but this morning it's really stiff and hurts of course.  Every chance I get I am going to ice it down.

I keep replaying the situation in my mind and I have ridden through Bat Cave Jr a dozen times but my head was else where I and I wasn't thinking.  I think I was too pre-occupied with learning what had happened to the trail reroute the Trumbull Trails Coalition did a couple of weeks ago, which I helped on, and that someone had undone half to three quarters of the work we had done.  We'll see what Monday brings.

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Todd H. said...

Heal up quick my friend....