Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Testing the Wrist

After last Friday's fall at Pequonnock River Valley I decided not to ride on Monday and I would have ridden to work on Tuesday but I stayed up too late reading a new Science Fiction Book that there was no way I could ever make it into the office in time. Also, had no time to ride on account I had to fly to Chicago for a cousin's wedding. So, I hit the Gussy Trail after work on Tuesday. The pedal to the trail head was OK but I could feel wrist and while I wouldn't say that it was painful there was a little discomfort but not enough to make me turn around. Finally, I just got used to it. I did stay off most of the stuntry for fear of having a problem injuring my wrist even further.

With all the dry weather we have been having, the trees are going into a state of shock and to conserve water they are dropping leaves. It looks like fall in the forest but with temperatures in the upper 80s and high humidity it reminds me more of being at Fort Polk in the summer time rather than CT.

As I was leaving the Gussy and heading down the Jeep trail towards Sanford Road I stopped to check my rear tire and I had lost a considerable amount of air. I rode home anyway and then checked again after dinner only to find the tire pretty much flat. First flat since going to these Serfas Krest tires. I probably pinch flatted in one of the technical sections because I didn't have enough air to start with. Oh well. Afterwards, my wrist wasn't sore at all. It still hurts but didn't feel any worse.

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