Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yellow Fenders

The latest edition to the Stinson are a pair of Planet Bike, Hi-Vis fenders.  Only, the front fork doesn't have hard points for fenders.  Not sure what Marin was thinking when they devised this bike but a comfort bike without a way to easily mount fenders?  That's like trying to eat a Nutella and Peanut Butter sandwich without the bread!

I went to the hardware store after work on Wednesday and picked up some rubber lined circular clamps but purchased a size too small.  So, I will get the next two larger sizes on my way home from work today.

Next on the list will be some yellow Crank Brother pedals and then I might go for a new wheel set with yellow rims and hubs.  Yellow spokes might be over doing it.  I have looked for a yellow crankset but so far have not found anything..

1 comment:

Chris Thompson said...

Too funny. I'm planning on taking my Giant back for its 30 day check up today and seeing about fenders.