Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Root 66 @ Hodges Village Dam: CAT2 SS Open Results

The results are in and I got 7th but that is subject to change if they figure out that one of the single speed racers was miscategorized.  I might have been chatting with him before the race, he used to live in Norwalk but now lives in Boston.  A long time NEMBA member, too.  

Of all the races that I have participated in this year, this one was an eye opener into what I have been doing wrong and that is not enough training.  I think what I need to find is a training venue and lay out some specific courses that are really challenging, comparable to what I found at Hodges Village on Sunday.  I also have to get into a groove of riding at least 2 times a week this course and then save the weekends for fun rides.

I think Hodges Village will be my last race.  In order to do half the races I needed to do Winsted Woods and the Norcross Scurry but I missed the latter due to a charity event and I am out of town for the Scurry.  Still, not sure if I would have enough to qualify for points.  We'll see what happens next year.  Can't guarantee anything with three, young kids that want to do things on the weekends, too.

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