Thursday, August 19, 2010

Single Speeding Chicago: Pedicab

I saw this guy coming down from Michigan Avenue and it looked like he was giving these women a tour.  My thinking is that this kind of bike has a coaster brake and a front brake.  Additionally, it looks like it has parking brake to be used when loading and unloading passengers.


Mark said...

Found something interesting on this type of pedicab while I was googling for the owner:

Oh...and there's another rickshaw fleet that just came out of the woodwork this season. They're called Tri-A-Cycle. They showed up with no sort of context amongst the pedicab community, ride unsafe bikes (their model of rickshaw is actually responsible for the only US pedicabbing fatality- which was in Chicago- and it was due to their faulty braking system) without lights or business licenses. The company's owned by some fat frat-boy in Indiana. I won't even make eye contact with a Tri-A-Cycle douche.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a "Why Walk Pedicab". They have a front brake and then a foot rear drum brake that can also be activated as a hand/parking brake. They do come in both single speed and geared.