Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Brown Santa bringeth this day!

The loss of my 305 last summer and not being truly happy with the downgraded version of the 205 I decided to treat myself to a little present after busting my fourth point of contact at work last year with some upgraded riding electronics, hence a Garmin Edge 705! Now, I will no longer need to bring along a second GPS with maps loaded because this has it all.

I also ordered the 24K North East edition maps but they are back ordered so I guess I will have to continuing using the detail-less 100K maps. The back ordering actually was cool because the company gave me a $10 off coupon off my next purchase and since I needed a micro SD card, I got it from this company in the City called Ecomelectric for $10.36 with free ship!


29ner said...

Nice , you will love it. I sort of miss mine but the MotionX App on the iphone is good enough for my simple brain

Greg Heil said...

Woa, excellent mtb geekery! I like it!

Do you ride with it on a handle bar mount? Whenever I see people with gps's set up like that, I just think "man, what happens if they crash?"

Mark said...

I did that once many years ago and endo'd with my first GPS mounted that way and cracked the mount. Prior to getting the Edge but not wanting to ride with the GPS on the handlebars I tried various things to keep the GPS accessible but not loose or cutoff the signal. I tried shoulder strap holders, a radio holder for the arm, until I figured out a way to mount it on the stem. Not sure if the edge was out by then but maybe I can lay claim to the first stem mounting of a GPS.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous