Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reconstructing Lambert: Progress

Worked on the cockpit last night drinking PBR and listening to Liquid Metal, especially when Beyond the Pit came on a midnight.

The more and more I dive into this build, the more and more I am replacing parts. The only bits remaining Lambert OEM, besides the frame, at this point are cranks, BB, pedals (though they are gone once I find some orange CBs), and headset. The stem clamp, I discovered was shot, too, so no Lambert stem and no mustache bars now.

Instead, I put on Origin 8 Bull Horns with of course O8 bar tape. They have an interesting barend plug, it's two pieces and works like a barcon whereby you twist it and it expands to tighten against the inside of the bar. Since I was stuff the bar tape into the end I had to do it the old fashion way and use a mallet to get it in. I have an aero lever on the right.

There is a brand new Sanke stem that has a lot of neck that I can play with.

I knew there was a risk that the OEM Lambert Brakes might not work with the 700c wheels, and they didn't. I had to scrounge in the parts bin for another brake, and then scrounge for a bolt to hold it onto the fork. I ended up using one off a Panasonic frame I had hanging up in the back of the garage from another project in waiting.

These Weinmann DP-18 wheels with Origin 8 hubs are hawt! These are temporary until I can get the Iro's laced up but I still looking for matching hoops, not very hard mind you. All the different shades of orange is probably going to require a name change. When this is finished, I will submit it and the Stinson to the Fixed Gear Gallery.

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Greg Heil said...

Looking nice!