Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Please move the bike rack where it can be seen by all

The Park City at Oh Dark Thirty
Who ever moved the bike rack to the back of the station in the Park City was thinking with his or her head up their fourth point of contact. Of course it's now hidden from view were any enterprising person now has a much easier opportunity to steal something than if they were near the street.

The Topanga was back but I missed the Schwinn Cruiser with the lopsided seat. I haven't seen this Pannasonic since last summer.

I love the ghetto style bars. Nice big frame, perfect for fixing.

While walking to a new Indian Buffet in NYC I saw some lovely bikes including a teal Spaulding mountain bike and a smallish fixer outside the restaurant sitting like a diamond in the rough amongst all the delivery bikes. The significance of the Spaulding is I have one waiting in the wings while I decide what to do with it. Maybe, if I can find a 700c fork with a disc brake mount and a threaded, one inch steering tube I could build it into an all steel 69er, something I have been jonesin to ride again.

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