Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another visit to the Park City Metro North Station Bike Rack

Back to NYC this week so I thought I would drop in at my favorite bike rack and see if there was anything new, anything wild, anything fabulous, maybe something vintage dragged up from the basement because the car was in the shop. There as a little treat, this mass produced Bianchi with a sprung saddle, granted not a Brooks, though. A friend of mine has something similar that I want him to sell me so that I can rebuild it into a fixed/sser Monster Crosser.

I have seen this Schwinn often times enough and what get's me is that the owner is sitting on a train somewhere, or already at his place of work with a saddle and seatpost. Dude, get a lock, and lock it down!

The Panasonic with the ghetto styled bars seems to be a regular now and of course there is the Toponga. I don't understand the bag over the seat concept in rainy weather. OK, so the first time you plant your fourth point of contact upon the seat, it will be dry, but by the time you get where you are going, the rest of you will be wet anyway, so what's the difference? Unless of course the owner thought it was supposed to rain today, too, which might be the more likely explanation.

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Anonymous said...

What's funny about the Schwinn is that while the rider took the seat for safekeeping, he/she forgot to lock the wheels!?

Just goes to show how much knowledge/experience we have to share, Mark. Maybe leave that person a friendly note, or better yet, a diagram illustrating the proper way to lock up. If that doesn't work then just take the wheels. ;)

Mark said...

Didn't even notice that. What's surprising is that I see this bike here all the time locked up this way.

I should leave a note on the bike but I will probably have to make it a bilingual note.

Anonymous said...

Mark, in these uncertain times, I would be sure to write that note in at least 2 languages.

Anonymous said...

That anon comment was me, btw. The open id thingy wasn't working.


Mark said...

I figured that was you.