Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reconstructing Lambert: Finis!

Here is my Lambert Grand Prix Fixed! Weighing in at 22 lbs, she is eager to get out for a test ride. Below is what the bike looked like when I brought it home from the shop nine months ago. I think this could be my favorite build to date. The Bianchi was my first love and introduction to fixed gears, she taught me a lot. The next bike to really make an impact is the Marin Stinson, a former internally geared 4 speed comfort bike with front squish. The Stinson will remain as my fixed gear commuter until something better comes along that could replace it. I think this will be the fun bike!


Greg Heil said...

Very nice man, congrats on being done with the build!

That bike looks gorgeous!

Mark said...

Thanks. Can't wait to ride it. Have to wait for the weekend.

Greg Heil said...

Dang man that's a bummer. Why can't you get out sooner?