Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reconstructing Lambert: Headset Repair

The headset was pretty gnarly looking so I took every thing apart and soaked all the parts in rubbing alcohol for about a month. Using my DIY headset press, I put the cups back into the headtube and squeezed them into place. Then I put 25 bearings in Phil Wood grease in the bottom cup and 25 bearings in the top cup and put the fork on and screwed down the top cup. No squeek and it turns smoothly!

Next up: installing the fork and the cockpit.

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Greg Heil said...

Good job. Looks like it's going to be running well! What are you intending to use the bike for?

Mark said...

It's going to be a fixed gear, of course.

Greg Heil said...

Right on. Have fun with it!

I've personally always enjoyed having all my gears, suspension, and freewheel hub.

But then again, maybe if I tried a fixie I'd like it, who knows?

Mark said...

With the plethora of dirt roads you have a little fixie monstercross would do the trick. In fact, 6 mos after I started riding fixed gear I noticed a 200% improvement in my ability to climb.

Greg Heil said...

Wow, that's incredible! Hmm, I will definitely have to think about it. I may go single speed first, and then if I can handle that maybe I'll get a fixie.