Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick and Dirty

Got out for a quick 5 mile ride after work today on the Dillinger. Prior to clipping in and heading off I made a few more adjustments but that didn't abate the creaking noise I keep getting while pedaling which leads me to believe I have to revisit the EBB again. My Ergons needed to be readjusted, too. In my haste to be out the gate I should have checked my air pressure because when I got out on the trail I could feel that they were a little mushy. I also put on my full huckle & buckle kit, well I always ride with my knee and shin guards but today I threw on the forearm guards. After my last two rides, the scrapes and gouges in my forearm needed a little extra protection. It paid off when I endoed and landed right on my forearm.

Looks like the Open Space off of Sanford Road got marked and that means I can start on my trail proposal in earnest now. I probably won't be able to push a trail between the two houses on the little sliver of open space that separates them. I imagine the residents off of Sanford Road will fight it so I will make that a Phase II attempt and a test of the system. I think it will be a test because the town wants trails but they can't let developers play ring-around-the-rosy with them when it comes to divying up the land. If the town wants trails then they are going to have to ensure there is enough land to do so.

The Wet Spot (there are more shots on the Gussy Blog) on the Gussy Trail was particually wet today. There was actually a trickle of water running through it. Looks like I might have to go in and cut a channel just so that it's not a big trough that you have to ride through.

Today's ride was exceptionally wet and dirty. We did get over two inches of rain earlier in the week and that manifested itself up and down the trail. For the most part, the Upper Gussy was pretty well drained. There are some new spots that are soft that I am going to have to armor this spring and summer.

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