Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Gear: Hydrapack Laguna

This is my new hydration pack from Hydrapak, the Laguna. I won it a contest for being the GPS Data whore that I am. So I thought I give a little review of the new gear. First off, this pack has more straps and buckles than a dominatrix. While it's primary purpose is for mountain biking it will also expand into a day pack, so not only does it have straps for carrying a helmet and pads, it also has compression straps at the bottom so you could carry a lightweight sleeping bag.

It has four external pockets, one at the top, another towards the bottom but on the exterior of the pack and then two on the sides as bottom. The top most outer pocket is felt lined which I would presume would be for a small camera. The lower external pocket has headphone access for your mp3 player, as well as some pockets, and a key clip. I think it would have been smarter to make the top most pocket for the mp3 thus not having your earphone not have to reach as far.

Side pockets are nice for snacks. I can reach both with the pack on but it's difficult.

The main compartment is nice and roomy. Plenty of room for extra tubes, pump, first aid kit, and my folding saw. In one of the pockets I have my Gerber collapsible pliers and in the other is baggie with emergency ass wipe. It's missing a pump sleeve, unfortunately.

Overall, love the feeling of it on. The sternum strap can be adjusted up or down as well as tightness. Felt good wearing it around the garage. Can't wait to field test it this weekend.

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