Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A RAW Eight Miler

If I had more time (daylight) this ride could have been a ten miler by doing a round tripper on the Gussy but all I was able to do was one way and loop at Dinglebrook. Next week, now that Daylight savings kicks in this weekend, things could be different. The Gussy is still soft in some places and it looks like a big, rotten limb came down in the technical section up from the the big Up-and-Over, that somebody cleared already.

As for the Dinglebrook trails, bad news. The dual track lead in off of Lake George is really wet and muddy. Riding down to the bench is OK but coming back up is not. Seeing that the Lake George ROW was too wet I rode out through the horse trails in Newtown but between the blowdowns and the soft ground it was no joy until I got back to Pond Brook Road.

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Greg Heil said...

Yes! Counting down till daylight savings time...