Friday, July 01, 2022

Heckled by a Rabbi on Segar Mountain


After spending a couple of days in NYC visiting with my best friend from High School I finally got out on the bike early Friday afternoon because we have half day Fridays at work during the summer. I drove over to Mike's house in Gaylordsville and we rode up South Kent Road to Segar Mountain Road or Route 341.

As we neared the top a black minivan pulled slowly up to us and the driver was wearing a yarmulke and had a full beard and asked why we were schlepping up this hill.  To which I answered, that it was the fastest way to Kent Falls Brewery. He wished us a good Shabbos and invited us to his dinner that evening. I declined but thanked him.

After that big climb on such a hot day a cold beer from KFBC made a perfect break.

Mike and I had two beers a piece and then headed back to his house.

We rode to the 3 Bears Intersection and then took Papermill to Wells Road to Aspetuck Ridge and then headed up River Road on our road bikes

The section of road by the spite house was black butter!

We even saw the cows this time on Newton Road

Life is certainly good when riding with Mike. Afterwards we cooled off with a dip in his pool and drank a few more beers.

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