Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Highland Park Strong

Got out a little earlier than yesterday and rode to Highland Park

Riding through Highland Park was eerie because 10 years ago the Sandy Hook shooting occurred in Newtown, where I live, and now there is shooting in the town that has been home to many of my relatives.

When I got on Green Bay Avenue it started to sprinkle

 Picked up the Green Bay Trail and continued south towards Chicago

This road is used by many cyclists

Fortunately, I was on the trail early enough that there was barely any other people using it

The trail dumps out onto a residential street but right before that I came upon this sign that I thought I would never see in Chicago

The grade wasn't that bad, reminds me of my driveway back home

Free bike anyone?

In Wilmette I got a little turned es around because I set my course to ride on an alleyway. Had to ride some brick roads - yuck. Cobbles are still the worst but bricks are a close second.

The goal of this morning's ride was to see the Baha'i House of Worship

and it's truly an amazing piece architecture

and it overlooks Wilmette Harbor

Found some black butter this morning

and the end of one of Chicago's subway lines

Nearing the end of the ride I had to take Lake Cook for a 1/4 of a mile and got buzzed by two cars. 

I rode 70 miles before I had to use my finger. I am staying off the busy thoroughfares!

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