Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunset Tandem Ride with Elliot

Elliot and I headed out Thursday evening in the other direction towards Cape Henlopen and found a new route to the back end of Ft Miles.  I wish we had left sooner so we would have had more time to explore further but we only got as far as the look out on Gordon's Pond.

However, the sunset views were amazing!

There were two more observation towers along the beach

The colors of the sunset, though, were outstanding

I love riding with Elliot

He is such a trooper and never complains

And loves to kid around

On the way back I surprised him with an offer to hit Starkey's on the way home

Starkey's is Elliot's Rehoboth Beach Ice Cream heaven

Nothing beats a large, soft serve from Starkey's!

Should we ever come back to Rehoboth Beach, this is my new riding course: The Cape Henlopen Tandem Ride.  I mapped it out on Garmin Connect.  While Elliot never got the chance to ride it all the way through, the Gordon's Pond trail is actually a bike trail that goes all the way through with a half mile board walk through the swamp.  This course is 19 miles and it encompasses the bike routes from Lewes and the Junction and Breakwater Rail Trail.  It would be the perfect family ride.

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