Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Riding with another Bike Commuter in Newtown


Just rounding the curve on Glen Road in Sandy Hook passing by the Jersey Devil I saw another cyclist in front of me about a 100 yards up the road.  I never thought it would be a commuter and for that matter, someone that I have communicated with (via the interwebs) but I poured on the power to see if I could catch up to him.

As I got closer so details started to come out, he had a trunk bag and was riding a steel bike, so probably not your average roadie out for an early morning ride.  Of course, the hard core roadies always where their team kit when ever they ride.

Turns out it's Andy, a teammate from New Milford River Trail National Bike Challenge Team.  He's got a real nice converted Specialized bike that I wish I thought to have gotten a better picture of.  This is the bike that he rides D2R2 with.  Last year we talked about D2R2 but never saw one another.  It's great seeing another bike commuter out on the roads.  There aren't too many of us but we are there and riding strong!

The beard is growing in nicely but my sometimes cycling mentor, the infamous Stephen Badger, was rating me a 6+ on the Chewbacca Scale.  Really, 6+?  I think it's more like 2+ but thanks to him I used it for my TdF Velofantasy Team name.  According to a YouTube video, The Win Tunnel: To Beard or Not to Beard, that I found, having beard and being a cyclist has extremely little impact on your speed, something like half a second over 40 KM or less than a watt difference.  I am keeping it!

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