Monday, July 21, 2014

50 mile loop around the bays

Day 2 of the Rehoboth Beach Family vacation and ride #3, my brother-in-law and riding partner and I headed out for a 50 loop around Rehoboth and Indian River Bays.  We found the route on Ride With Gps and decided to try it.

The wind was out of the South East, so riding down the Coastal Highway this morning was tough but I figured when we got inland it would not be so bad.

After yesterday's doom and gloomy weather it was nice to see a sunrise

Riding down the coastal highway towards the Indian River Inlet Bridge
Another day of climbing less than 500 feet!

At the half way point we stopped at the Shore Stop.  It was definitely no WaWa but some of the customers were pretty friendly.  It was pretty hot today, too.  From here, besides corn and soybeans, we passed many chicken farms and eventually saw where all the chickens eventually go to become Chicken Nuggets, Oven Roasters, and Chicken Wings.  You gotta eat!

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