Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Frame bag for the Randomuter

Perfect timing!  My old frame bag/top tube bag died on me the other day and this arrived.  When I bought the Cross Check at Christmas the seller threw in a frame bag and while it seemed cool I was pretty satisfied with the one that I was already using.  Not to mention it was camo and I have had enough camo.  So, it never got used.  I even contemplated selling it on eBay but never got around to it.

Not sure how it came about but the seller of the bike offered to make me a new in my favorite color, blue.  I sent him some additional requests to enhance the versatility and he just sent back the finished product!

One of my recommendations was to have a smaller pocket on the non drive side of the bag that would be perfect for a Smartphone and maybe some snacks.

The main compartment is huge!  I put in there two tubes, levers, multitool, and my pump and there is still plenty of room for more stuff!

There are interior hook and loop straps inside for pumps and whatever else you may want to hold for easier access.  Now it's time for a test ride.

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