Friday, July 18, 2014

A cold week of morning bike commuting in July!

The week ending on 7/19 saw some cold mornings for bike commuting.  This was the week before I was headed south for a family vacation and getting in some commutes was going to be challenging but I was able to still get two in and a road ride.

The new frame bag on the Surly is totally outstanding.  With the additional pocket on the other side of the bag I no longer need my top tube bag.  I can fit everything I need in the main compartment with room to spare.

Friday morning was even colder than Thursday and as I was headed down to Pond Brook.  I had to stop and throw on a jacket because the temperature got as a low as 53 degrees, in July!

I shed the jacket at the half way point and stopped to take some shots of the Surly with the new frame bag.

Here you can see the other side of the bag with the zipper going 7/8s of the way for the smaller pouch.

Nearing the office, this bumper sticker caught my attention on some construction worker's car.

You might think it's Chinese or some other Asian script but I am thinking it's Village People symbology.  Just can't decide whether the owner likes to giveth or receiveth.

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