Saturday, May 04, 2013

When life gives you lemons ...

Compared to Wednesday, Friday morning seemed like I woke up in Florida.  It was 50 degrees out when I left the house.  Leaving the house at 6 AM I thought I would do a little hill work and ride Castle Hill but once again my cadence sensor was acting squirrely again.  I got up to the Flag Pole and there wasn't a car on the road and I got this wonderful picture.

Over Castle Hill it's a 12 mile ride to the office with quite a bit of hill work along the way.  Going to have to take this route more often.  Even with farting around at the top of Castle Hill to take a few pictures I was able to get to the office in under an hour.

I had to leave at 4 PM and get home by 5 so I planned to take the shortest route home but as I left the office campus and got on the Corporate Park access road this strange hissing started coming from the front tire.  Somewhere between parking lot and the drive way something punctured my tire.  Fortunately I was able to change the tube in minutes and was still able to get home in 35 minutes, which is a new record for me!  I now have 7 commutes under my belt for a total of 163 miles.

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