Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday RAW with Class Cycles

Greg from Class Cycles contacted be the other day wondering if I would be interested in leading a shop ride at Upper Paugussett and I said sure.  I rode over to the Echo Valley lot and there were a few guys already there and then the main group showed up 20 minutes later.  It was pretty chilly when I left the house so I took a little warm up ride on the lower section of the Gussy and then cut over on the trail that goes to the parking lot.
Greg getting a piece of the Rock on the new Prudential Roller
 From the Echo Valley lot we headed up to the Polly Brody to the Gussy Trail.  Riding down the Gussy was great because of all the fun little stunts to hit along the way.  Some of the group hit the Papa Bear roller and it was surprisingly good, though the run out needs a little work.  

At the crossing with the West Side of the Blue Trail we found new things to play on, including a new roller called the Prudential Roller, because it looks like the rock from the commercial.  On the other side of the trail is cool rock outcropping that can be dropped, rolled, and dropped again.

Rich makes the Piece of the Rock look so easy!

I took them on the Reach Around and then back up the Gussy and on back to the Parking lot.  There were too casualties, a flat tire at the new play area and Rich's (pictured above) tire tubeless tire burped and he was screwed with the Walk of Shame back to the lot.  Fortunately, it wasn't that far.

Next Monday, the Monday RAW will be at Waldo.

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