Friday, May 10, 2013

TGIF Singlespeed Bike Commute

What a fantastic spring morning!

A little misty but surprisingly nice.

Trying new bars on the Qball.  I had these trekking bars laying around for a few years thinking I might use them on a fixie project but never found the right opportunity.

What I like about them is that they are like bull horns only with an additional hand position.  This third position is just like a bar end and perfect for out of the saddle climbing.  The only draw back is that when I am descending big hills I like to have a finger on the brakes and on these bars it means holding on the flat position but I would rather be in the second position, or low profiled holding the bar end position.  Using a drop bar you can descend holding the bars in the curve, thus keeping a lower profile, while still keeping a finger or two on the brakes.

Braking and Cruising position

Sprinting, hammering, descending or climbing while seated

Climbing out of the saddle.

I wanted to try the 20 mile route home but I was short on time and had the laptop with me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cyclesnack, love this setup! Do you happen to know the make and model of these handlebars?