Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mountain Biking? What's that?

I haven't been on the mountain bike for two weeks - I think this has been the longest hiatus so far, weather not included.  Decided, hoped, that Upper Paugussett would be dry enough to ride after all that rain we got last week and on Saturday.  The Poly Brody was really wet in four places.  The Upper Gussy didn't fare well either and I never got to the Mulikin to see how that was holding up but seeing the Gussy the way it was the Mulikin had to be far worse.

I can't ride the Gussy without making some tweaks, like this little up and over here.  It has been bugging me for months how it pops you up when your rear tire hits it so I spent some time smoothing it out.  Of course now you get a lot more speed going into the dog leg which could be an issue if you are not ready for it.

While there are few soft spots that need taking care of Sandy's Reroute has serious problems.  Either this whole section get's armored or a re-route of the re-route will be necessary.  The problem with that is you would miss that up-and-over by the hippy stacks.  I even poked around from the 3 Bears roller to see what sort of connection could be made.  It's do able but a lot more work.

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