Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another wet morning commute

Back on the Cannondale for a longer ride this time.  My confidence is growing in my tune up abilities.  I went full fender Wednesday morning because the roads were wet and it was drizzling when I left the house.

Last time I am riding with the backpack.  While my Timbukt2 bag is supposed to be rain proof I have had a few leaks from time to time.  However, I found the next size Fedex bag that will fit my laptop so I am worried no more!

I wanted to do extra miles today but I needed to be home on time so I got the basic 20 mile round trip done.  On the way to work it took me 47 minutes and coming back it was 38 minutes.  I wonder what that means...

The Cannondale is really performing well.  I am so happy with this bike.  In fact, I am going to ride the 75K route at the Bloomin Metric this Sunday.

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