Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lobster Gloves in May? Seriously?

It was 32 degrees Wednesday morning when I left the house and from my past experiences of riding to work in these temperatures I have to start the ride with my lobster gloves and over booties otherwise I will freeze.  I also had a thermal layer on as well but after 5 miles I was sweating.  Probably could have done without the thermal layer.  

I decided to go a little bit out of my way this morning and see what it will be like on Friday when I ride to the Bethel Metro North station for the National Ride to Work Breakfast.  The route change added an additional 8 miles to the ride, but you know me, I love more miles.

A little morning helmet head was a little shocking but overall it was a good ride.  I learned one thing about my Garmin - my 100K scale topo maps are incompatible with the turn by turn navigation feature built into the Garmin Edge 800 so I am going to have to go back to the 24K maps.

The ride home has interesting.  At 4 PM I stepped outside the office to check the temps.  It did rain by the way but not at the time that the weatherman predicted, rather it was midday.  That seemed to cool things off quite a bit.  However, when I left the office at 6 PM, the sun was out and it must have been 65 degrees!  I was in tights, shorts, a long sleeve and my riding jacket.  Waaaay to warm for the conditions.  Only had time to drop the jacket.

My original thought when riding home was that I wanted to ride 12 miles after 18 in the morning so I could round out the day with a 30 mile ride.  Leaving the office so late wasn't going to permit me to take the 12 mile route that I had planned not to mention, my knees have been bugging me.  I guess I can't ride 5 days straight anymore.  The first thing I did was explore the Sturges Road right of way between Old Bethel Road and Taunton Hill Road but it was blocked.  When I got down to the Pond Brook Boat Ramp I was still 1 mile short of the 12 I wanted so I tried climbing Silver City lane and that was a bear of a climb, however, that game me enough to for 12 miles and to finish the day with 30 miles!

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finn maguire said...

Gotta love those daytime 30+ degree swings! Hey, our police dept is honoring the Sandy Hook victims this Sunday at the popular Yarmouth (YPD) 5K road race (run). Sandy Hook parent Neil Heslin will be there. Breaks my heart to see the pic of him and his son Jesse. Carlos Arredondo the "cowboy hero" dude from the Boston Marathon is going to be there too. I won't be, unfortunately, as I'll be racing Glocester, but my wife will be running the YPD 5K. Anyway, thought you might be interested in that...