Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May is Bike to Work Month

Remembering 12-14-2012
Actually I didn't find out it was Bike to Work month until I got to the office and saw an email from the League of American Cyclists claiming it was.  I just thought I would increase my bike commuting to the office 100% by adding another day.  It still hasn't warmed up enough to get away without riding with a lot of extra snivel gear. 

I couldn't take another ride with freezing hands almost all the way to the office so I broke out the lobsters.  I added a long sleeved cotton t-shirt to the mix and another type of balaclava and I never got cold the whole ride, nor did I have foggy glasses.


It was also time to break out the Cannondale for a commute.  Bike felt great except for the fact that I think my seat was a little low.  I tried riding with my my top tube bag but found that it didn't quite stay on too well and my legs would hit when climbing out of the saddle.  I think I am going to get a clip on seatpost rack and use my trunk bag.  It also let me bring home my cold weather kit because this ride I was sans backpack or any other bag for that matter.  

Looks like it's going to be a bad hair day at the office again!

On the way home I passed this older gentleman on a 29er hardtail.  I didn't see him after the intersection so I think he was riding to the Packy.  Need to hit that Packy for a beer stop next time.  On the ride in this morning my speed sensor still wasn't working right but looks like it was working properly on the ride home.

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