Monday, September 13, 2010

Tandeming possibilities are now endless

It turns out if you take the wheels off the tandem fits perfectly on the back of my bike rack and the ends stick out as far out as my mirrors. I put a bungee cord on the fork to keep it place because I don't want the handlebars to stick out when am I driving down the road. Now Katie and will be able to try more rail trails and other places to ride.  

It turns that this bike has a 1 1/8 threaded fork and I am going to find a squishy fork with a lock out and disc tabs.  I'll get a set of Atom Blast wheels and better off road tires so that Katie and I can start riding more gravel grinder routes and some single track, too.  I think we'll also need to throw on some Crank Brothers pedals and I will get her riding, clipless, too!

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