Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Riding without shorts

I decided that I would make a better showing of myself riding during the week so when I woke up at 6:10 AM, looked outside and realized that I was going to need some additional illumination if I was going to ride this morning. That meant getting my light connected to my helmet, which is always a chore. Not sure why Light and Motion couldn't have made it easier to go from commuter mount to helmet mount. Got it together, threw on an orange riding shirt, shoes, gloves, etc., hopped on the bike and away I went, only I forgot my cycling shorts as I was still wearing the gym shorts I slept in.

On the ride up the Gussy this morning I kept thinking that I would find the latest blow down sooner rather than later but I did not find it until after the second stream crossing (headed north).  The trail gnomes got to it quickly and made an up-and-over but I am thinking that this should be a skinny.

I very seldom run into another trail user on the Gussy Trail but when I do it's kind of big thing to me.  First and foremost I want to know where did they hear about the trail, what do they think about it, and of course I tell them my role in building the trail.  However, this morning I came across a different kind of trail user.  Clad in nothing but white pants, East European hiking shoes and a big wooden crucifix around his neck was this guy hiking up the Gussy Trail.  He was carrying a satchel on his shoulder and an umbrella.

It was ironic, coming across a half naked man in the woods only to find out later that he is probably this guy pictured above, Rev. Milan Dimic, the Parochial Vicar of St Rose Catholic Church, the stereotype of Catholic priests in light of all the recent scandals.  I hope the good Pastor found  what he was looking for in the forest.

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