Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Street in New Haven: Cannondale CAD

Took the family to New Haven so that the kids could go see the Peabody Museum.  I have lived in CT 3/4s of my life and I have never been but then again, until I met my wife I didn't know anything existed west of the Housatonic River.  On the way to the museum I saw some really nice fixies locked to parking meters that I would have liked to have fawned over but today wasn't about me and my obsessions.

However, I did see this interesting Cannondale outside the Museum.  By checking the interwebs there is no such thing as a Cannondale CAD frame but my guess is that it's an M900 frame that was built for a pretty tall guy.

In fact just as I was leaving this really tall guy came up to and told me it was his.  He said it was customized for him.  My guess is he got the biggest frame he could find but it was still too small for him and had it built up to compensate.  What got me, however, was all the gear left on the bike while he was in the museum.  Lights, bottle, pump, pack, I would never leave that much removable stuff on my bike, anywhere.

These pix taken with my camera phone.


Rick said...

Hey...I have a Cannondale M900. A 1995 I believe. Same color scheme.

Mark said...

Does your have CAD written on it?

Rick said...

I don't believe so. I'll have to check.

Rick said...

Nope, mine does not say CAD and my color scheme is purple/grey