Friday, September 03, 2010

The Friday Fixed: All Weather Commuter

I guess you could say that the Stinson is finally finished.  I have finally completed the bike to be an all weather commuter.  Required three trips to the Hardware store for these rubberized holders.  First I bought a size too small so I take them back to the Ace Hardware by the office only to find out that I have to go back to original store where I bought the clamps.  Go back there and get the one inch size and while they work I could probably use 3/4" size.  I originally purchased 1/2" and I measured the stanchions, too!

It's only taken me two years to get it to this point but the new fenders seal the deal. Now all I need is to add some water and ride in wet conditions to put it to the test.  Then, once and for all I can go from being a fair weather bike commuter to a bike commuter!

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