Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Night Riding - Lighting Optional

I went Friday after work to see how long I could ride at Upper Paugussett before I needed artificial luminescent help.  I decided to try something different this time around but riding up the Polly Brody, then down the Gussy, drop down the blue trail, which by the way looked like it used to be a stream, to the Jeep Trail and then ride back up the Gussy and then back down the Polly Brody.  Starting from the intersection of Tamarack and the loops in the forest it's about an 8 mile ride.  Something to consider when training for races next year.

Heading down the Gussy a little after 6 PM.

Coming back up at around 6:35 PM

On the Cut through to Mulikin Trail at 6:50 PM.  I bombed back down the Brody without lights but I probably should have had them on.  

On the way back I stopped and took a picture of the cars in the parking lot.  On the ride in I stopped to check out the BMW X5 and happened to notice some kids parked next to it. They told it belongs to some guy that fishes in the lake.  My guess is that the Teeny Boppers were planning on some lakeside rendezvous.  Sure enough there were more cars in the lot.  I hope they were at the rope swing and not at the beach.  The walk up from the beach, in the dark, would be eerie.  Even coming from the rope swing would be pretty eerie but it's half the distance.

Once on Sanford Road, I put on the light

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