Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nothing could be finer than riding my Two-Niner

Popped smoke from work right on time, got home, changed, and hit the trails at Upper Paugussett State Forest this afternoon for grueling one and half hour, 6.5 mile ride, my bread and butter ride at Upper Paugussett.  This consists riding up the Gussy Trail, up the Brody, down the Mulikin, down Al's trail, then up the Pond Brook Connector to the Brody again.  Hit the three climbs up the Brody to the Gussy Trail head and then down the Gussy.

Upper Paugussett is an actively hunted forest and my friend Rick came across a hunter on Wednesday shooting squirrels so I reached for the sleigh bells and adorned them to the Dillinger.  Riding the trails, I sounded like a Christmas Budweiser commercial without the snow, the sleigh, and the Clydesdale.  My presence was known in the forest.

Down on the Mulikin I hit the small up and over before the big one with a little too much speed and then lost control and went down into the wineberries.  My left wrist, still sore from my crash in Trumbull three weeks ago, exacerbated by another little mishap at a stream crossing yet again at Trumbull, didn't fare well in yet the latest occurrence of my body meeting the ground.  I think I am going to have to take it easy this weekend. 

I love riding when it's very hot, though.  I think it the standing temperature today was around 90 degrees.  The forest must have been 5 to 10 degrees cooler but it's a nice bone warming heat.  Bike behaved beautifully and I cleaned all the climbs.  Even had a great huck on the new log ride.

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