Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Late Show

Headed out to Upper Paugussett at 6 PM ride Tuesday evening. I wanted to see how long and how dark I could go before I needed some luminescent help. I stopped at the Deer Blind to take some field of fire shots. Fortunately the blind points away from the trail so there is not much chance of getting shot at.

The new log cut is still untouched.  I am thinking that these two future skinnies will be on the both sides of the trail.

Ran into three guys on the Gussy Trail.  That is a first!  One them, closest to the front is from Newtown.  I didn't get their names.  They were headed in the same direction but turned at the connector to the Echo Valley Parking lot.

I got all the way down the Gussy without light but finally turned it on once I was on the Jeep trail.  At this point the Garmin said 2.71 miles and it was 7 PM so I headed down the Brody back to Pond Brook to complete the circuit.  I did happen to notice in the Echo Valley lot that same BMW X5.  The owner of that vehicle must be hunter.

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