Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eating Gelato with the Giant

Katie and headed over to the Farmington Canal Linear Park over in Cheshire for our weekly Tandem ride.

At the Hamdem Line, the trail turns into New Haven and Northhampton Line.

In a way, they are two separate trails.  Road cuts on the Cheshire Division have only one barrier for cars making it easier to get through if you were pulling a Burley Trailer.  However, on the New Haven Division, there are two.  I have ridden through there with my boys last year doing the bike train and from time to time the Burley will hit one of the barriers.

We stopped off at Sergio's for a Gelato, well Katie had Gelato and I had a small bag of potato chips

Serio's is a Pizza Parlor right next to the Greenway
and next to the head of the Sleeping Giant
of Sleeping Giant State Park
They are home to the Robert Cooper Special:  Pesto Shirmp Pizza
Robert is Katie's deceased grandfather

Bikers, walkers, rollerbladers welcome!

We saw deer along the way

This profile is interesting because the peak happens at a bypass just past the Sleeping Giant Railroad Station (no longer in use).  The original bed went through a cut but it was either too wet or the builders wanted to tie it in with a parking lot.  At Skiff Ave there is another diversion due to the fact there is a huge shopping center in the way.

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