Friday, September 10, 2010

The Firday Fix: Riding Heavy

Even though I have a garment bag pannier I still like the option of not having to ride home with it every time. Since I am trying to commute two days a week, I have found that I can bring two sets of work clothes and just leave them in the office. That way I can ride the Qball without having to worry about bringing clothes with me. Depending on the outfits, I can even mix and match and do another week on the same wardrobe selection. Just have to remember to bring fresh underware but that can be carried in my commuter if necessary.

Tuesday I rode the Marin and on the way back, on Pond Brook Road, my left front fender holder came off.  I found the clamp that was holding it on but didn't have any screws to lock it back down again.  I then thought that a Zip Tie would be good right about now but didn't have any in my bag of tricks.  So I moved it so that it was resting against the fork boot and was able to ride the last mile home.

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