Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tandeming for Breakfast and Picking Sweet Corn

Katie and I headed out for breakfast again on the tandem.  Needed to hit the drive through ATM at the bank for heading over to the next breakfast diner we were going to try.  Our goal is to ride the tandem every weekend and have breakfast somewhere.

We ended up the at Village Diner, which used to be Steve's Diner.  Apparently, the same owners just changed the name.  Never been here but they have been around for 6 years and it was a great place!  I had egg and potatoes and Katie had the Chocolate Chip pancake off the kids menu.

Katie's Kid Menu Review:

This morning I ate breakfast at the Village Diner. I had the chocolate chip pancakes on the kids menu. They tasted good but they were kinda big. Some parts of the pancakes had no chocolate chips and other parts had too many. It was also a bit over priced. It was served with butter and syrup. Over all the meal was good.

After a hearty breakfast we headed out towards Dickenson Park only to discover that Point of Rocks was closed due to running race.  So we climbed up Brushy Hill and Granny's help was required.  From there we turned onto Beaver Dam, that turned to dirt.  Newtown has quite a few dirt roads still throughout the town but none of them connect so there is very little chance of ever getting a Newtown Gravel Grinder.  

We came across some pasture and stopped to take a few pictures.  

And then we found this really neat farm.  It's all natural, no pesticides used on the produce and everything they sell is really fresh.

Beautiful pastures

And some cows

They had this really cool barn

The owner took Katie to the corn field to pick some fresh corn.

Farmer Mayer showed Katie how to pick the corn.  It had to be squeezed first to tell if it was alright for picking.  Farmer Mayer also told Katie that most farmers in the area grow starchy corn for feeding cows.  He only grows sweet corn for feeding people.

We saw some riders as we headed off.  We bought 6 ears of corn and carried them home on my handlebars. Really need a rack for the back of the tandem and need start bringing the trunk bag.

15 mile ride and we did a little bit of climbing

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